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‘Prevention is better than cure’ – with fleas, this can be very true!

Cats can pick up fleas from a number of different sources and in many different environments. They can be a big irritation for all if brought into the home, breeding at a rapid rate.

In just 21 days 1 flea can have multiplied to 1000!!

Some cats are allergic to fleas and react very badly to only a few bites causing hair loss and severe skin reactions. Fleas can make your cat really miserable, fleas can bite every 5 minutes leaving your cat uncomfortable and itchy. You only need to bring one flea inside your home to start an infestation. Female fleas can produce enough eggs to quickly escalate a flea infestation in your home. An adult flea can stay in its cocoon for up to 6 mnths before it emerges! 

There are various worms that infect your cat,they can also pose a threat to your family. Worms that target pets include roundworms, hookworms, lungworms and tapeworms, they are prolific across the United Kingdom. Certain types of worms can produce more than 10,000 eggs each day, which are then passed in the pets faeces and can be spread through the living environment.

Flea and worm treatment 

Regular flea treatment especially if your cat goes outside will help prevent infestations in the home. There are a number of different treatments available that can be administered in a few different ways but generally ‘spot-on’ preparations are the most effective and easy to use. These are generally given monthly.

Worms are a year round threat, the only way to keep your cat and family safe is through proactive actions to get the best products. Lungworm, which is passed on through slugs and snails , is potentially fatal and many over the counter products do not tackle this worrying parasite. There are many ranges of worming treatments available, including tablets, liquids, granules and spot ons, speak to us here at Boundary vets to ensure you get the most effective treatment for your pet.

Your vet will discuss the most suitable method and course of treatment to suit you and your cat.

Flea and worm treatments