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  • Dog Ward | Cat Ward | Isolation Ward

We understand having your pet admitted to hospital can be a very worrying time and we will ensure your pet is well looked after while they are with us, keeping you up to date with your pet’s progress.

At Boundary Vets we have three separate hospital wards, one for dogs, one for cats or small animals and one for patients who need to be isolated.

Each ward has been designed to maximise your pet’s comfort and safety while they are away from home with consideration of the unique differences between the species and care that your pet may require while in hospital.

Dog Ward

Our dog ward has been designed with kennel sizes to fit all dogs. It has easy access to our garden where the nurses regularly take our canine patients for toileting and to stretch their legs. We use Adaptil Diffusers to help reduce anxiety in our canine patients.

Cat and Small Animal Ward

Our Cat and small animal ward has been specifically designed to maximise a stress free area. No kennels face each other as we understand this can stress cats in particular. The cat ward is completely separate from our dog ward. We use a Feliway Diffuser at all times to help reduce anxiety among our feline patients.

Isolation Ward

Our isolation ward is used for pets who may be suffering from an infectious condition to prevent this being passed to other pets in hospital. Alternatively, pet's which are unvaccinated may also be placed in the isolation ward for their own protection.

If your pet is in our isolation ward they will receive the same high level of care as those in our other wards and will receive all the TLC they need.