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  • X-Rays | Pet Ultrasound


We can provide both digital X-ray and dental x-ray; this allows us to be able to see bone changes and structural changes in the body. Depending on what areas of the body of your pet need to be assessed, your pet may require sedation or general anaesthesia; this will be discussed with you beforehand. We can show you these images and even send them to specialists across the country to help provide and insight into your pet’s condition.

This non-invasive procedure takes only a few minutes and produces an image which provides your vet with a wealth of information. Your pet will generally spend the day with us so that they can be monitored by the nursing team in the recovery from their sedation or general anaesthesia. Although X-rays can be harmful, the amount that your pet receives is very low risk, and the images are highly beneficial.


At Boundary Vets, we have a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, which allows us to assess the tissues in your pet’s body, for changes. This non-invasive procedure is usually performed by Dani, who is an advanced practitioner in small animal medicine with a keen interest in ultrasonography. Dani can perform highly detailed scans of your pet to help diagnose and monitor conditions.

If a pet ultrasound is required, they will spend the day at the practice, being looked after by our nursing team. They will have some of their fur clipped so we can visualise the internal structures and the area will be cleaned with mild soap to help remove any oils so as we can gain a better pictureYour pet will be scanned tocapture images of their internal organs so your vet can go through these all with you on discharge. 

Usually, your pet won’t be sedated and will be held by a member of our nursing team, while receiving plenty of cuddles. If your pet gets particularly stressed, we can give them mild sedation to make the experience a non- traumatic experience for them. The hair which is removed usually takes several weeks to regrow. Depending on the required scanning area, several areas may have to be clipped.