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We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

  • Worming your Dog

Worming your dog regularly will not only benefit them, but also you and the other people around them.

Regular worming is especially recommended when children are around. There are diseases that can be spread from intestinal worms carried by dogs, to humans – children being most susceptible. Particularly if they play outside in soil and place their fingers in their mouths. This can lead to blindness in extreme cases.

This protection against worms is easy to achieve by giving a small tablet to your dog at least every 3 months. There are also combined ‘spot on’ preparations which can be given monthly in one easy application to prevent fleas, worms and mites. These also have the added benefit of preventing lungworm, a new disease causing quite a problem in younger dogs which is caught from slugs and snails.

Your vet will be happy to discuss the most appropriate method for you and your dog.

Flea and worm treatments