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For more than ten years, Boundary Vets has made a substantial contribution to the Abingdon neighbourhood in Kidlington. Our top objective is to provide the best care and expert help for your dogs. In order to provide treatment that is tailored to your pet's needs, our team takes pride in getting to know you and your pet well.

Our team is made up of specialists with extensive training and credentials, and they are here to help you and your pet. We provide a variety of treatments and services, such as annual physicals, dental care, and more. We understand that saying goodbye to a pet is a difficult and delicate process. Boundary Vets' facilities are up-to-date and maintained to the highest standards, allowing us to provide the best treatment for your pets. Our personnel is continuously trained on updated apparatus and veterinary advancements.

We also take great satisfaction in being a Silver-level Cat Friendly Clinic, providing a soothing environment for your feline friends as well.


Why not get in touch with us right away to book an appointment if you're searching for a yearly health checkup or a more targeted course of therapy. You could also give us a call at 01235 538721


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Boundary Vets offers your dogs the highest calibre care and treatment in a friendly and secure setting.

There are many ways to improve your pet's health, including neutering, microchipping, and more complete annual exams.

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Vets In Kidlington, near Abingdon

At Boundary Vets, we are conscious of the fact that medical costs can add up quickly. We provide guidance on pet insurance for cats, dogs, and rabbits in an effort to assist you with this by helping you make an informed decision on the finest insurance for your pets.

Our "Pet Health for Life" care package is one more way we work to keep costs low for you. These are available from us for both cats and dogs, giving you the peace of mind that your pet will be shielded from dangerous illnesses for the rest of its life.

Our experienced team is here to support them and ensure their care regardless of the age, breed, or sex of the animal. Your pet will gain access to routine services and treatments at Boundary Vets once registered in our care plan. Learn more!

Why visit Kidlington?

With around 14,000 people, Kidlington is one of England's largest settlements. Kidlington was a pretty rural town up until the 20th century. With a very wide variety of beautiful historic buildings, the ancient village centre around the High Street, Mill Street, and Church Street is a well-preserved Conservation Area.

Today Kidlington features a vibrant High Street market on Fridays and Saturdays, a library, a sizable community centre in Exeter Hall, and many modern homes. Numerous taverns, cafes, and restaurants may be found around the village as well as in or close to the centre. 

Why Choose Boundary Vets?

At Boundary Vets, we have four core principles:

Boundary Respect Boundary Experience Boundary Care Boundary Respect


• Outstanding quality care from a team you can trust
• Routine treatments such as vaccinations, parasite control and health checks
• Nurse clinics for preventative treatments and advice
• Preventative health care plan
• We’ll remind you when your next treatment is due
• Convenient online appointment booking
• Cat-friendly clinic


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We at Boundary Vets are looking forward to getting to know you and your dog companions. With our amenities and welcoming staff, we hope to make your time here as enjoyable as possible for you and your pet. We'll do our best to find a time that works for you, but if you're a new customer, your normal visit may take longer. You can get in touch with us right immediately to make an online reservation.

Call us at 01235 538721 if you need help or more details about our services.


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Boundary Vets does offer After Hours and Overnight Care services for anyone who needs prompt assistance and care. All emergencies should be referred to Abingdon Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service; contact information is accessible by dialling 01235 538721.