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For the long-term health and wellbeing of your pet and your family, it is essential that you routinely use proven, preventative treatments against the most common parasites throughout your pet’s life. Remember that prevention is much easier and cost effective than cure.

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Flea Treatment for Cats and dogs 

Fleas and Ticks are parasites that live in the environment and attach themselves to your pet; they drink their blood and use it to fuel themselves. Fleas and ticks can cause your pet discomfort, and in some cases, cats and dogs are allergic to fleas and can have a severe skin reaction.

Fleas and ticks can also transmit diseases and other parasites, so an infestation must not have the chance to get a hold of your pet. Although fleas don’t live on people, they do still bite them, and ticks certainly like to attach themselves to people, which are a resume can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease.

At Boundary Vets we advise preventative treatment for fleas and ticks, a wide range of products are available on prescription for your pet to help treat and prevent these parasites. These can be spot on, tablets and collars to help protect your pet.

Most flea prevention is a regular monthly application throughout your pet’s life and, as prevention is better than cure, we would recommend you start this before your pet has a flea burden. If you think your pet has a flea burden already then, we will also advise treating your house as the eggs can live in the carpets, cracks in floorboards and furniture. We can provide you with a household spray and flea treatment for your pet.

If you think your pet has a tick then we can provide you with tick removers and tick treatment, however, if you’re concerned, then we are more than happy to remove the ticks for you in one of our nurse consults.


Flea and Worm Treatment For Your Dog

Worms are tiny parasites that live in your pet’s body; these can be picked up in the environment by ingestion.

Parasites are sometimes overlooked reasons for diarrhoea, bloating, cramping and other digestive symptoms to more severe symptoms such as excessive bleeding. Lungworm is transmitted by slugs and snails and can also be found in snail slime trails, which can cause coughing and bleeding problems. Some of these parasites can also be transmitted via other parasites; for example, fleas transmit tapeworm. There are many different types of worms to be aware of, including tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, heartworm and lungworm.

We believe prevention is better than cure, and that’s why we recommend regular worming treatment for your cats and dogs

Worm treatment for dogs

For dogs, we recommend using a monthly tablet that treats all the above worms, fleas, ticks and mange mites. The only one it doesn’t cover is tapeworm, so than using an additional six-monthly tapeworm tablet is adequate for most dogs. Learn more about worming your dog here.

Worm treatment for cats 

Worm treatment for cats
For cats, we recommend a monthly spot-on treatment that covers all the above worms (apart from tapeworms), fleas, ticks and mange mites. As with dogs, a separate tapeworm will be required. If your cat hunts, they will also need tapeworm every three months. Learn more about worming your cat here.

Please be aware that many products available elsewhere other than sold at Boundary Vets may be ineffective at treating all the species of worms and fleas your pet could get. There are many ranges of worming treatments available including tablets, liquids, granules and spot-ons.

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Hazards in our local community

Fleas, worms and other parasites can be caught at parks local to Boundary Vets.
Parks are a breeding ground for parasites, especially in the warmer months from April to October. As a pet owner, you do not want to deprive your beloved pet of the chance to make friends, and you certainly do not want to limit the opportunity to be outside. But, if it seems like all the other pets are itching, scratching and playing with slugs and other parasite carriers, what is a pet owner to do?

Spread the cost of essential healthcare for your pet

Boundary Vets recommend being proactive before enjoying your local community. Ensuring that your Pet gets the best start to life and is well cared for across the years is no doubt forefront of mind for any owner. For confidence that your Pet is protected against harmful disease, sign up to our Pet Health For Life plan and rest easy knowing that the team at

Boundary can support with preventative healthcare treatments for as little as £16.00 a month.

No matter the age, breed or sex of your cat or dog, our team of Veterinary healthcare professionals at Boundary will support the wellbeing of your Pet, with membership to our Pet Health For Life plan allowing you to benefit from the treatments and services outlined below. Sign Up Online Today

What's included?

  • Annual health check and vaccinations including Kennel Cough for dogs
  • All-year-round flea, tick and worming treatment including lungworm in dogs and ear mites in cats
  • Unlimited Nurse Clinics**
  • One consultation with a Vet
  • Nail Clipping (up to 4 times a year if required)
  • 10% off Dental Scale and Polish hygiene products
  • 10% off Neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Anal Gland Expression (up to 4 times a year if required)

Our Pet Health For Life plan provides comprehensive care across your Pet’s lifetime, with the cost broken down into monthly instalments from as little as £16.00 per month, with up to 48% off yearly; superb value for money, combined with first-class healthcare prevention is what you can expect from Boundary Vets!

Don’t live in fear of parasites, every year we help hundreds of pet owners just like yourself have a parasite free pet. Not only will you save money in veterinary costs but you will give your pet the quality of life they deserve.

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