We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

We are open, click here for our COVID guidelines.

  • Endoscopy | Boundary Vets

An endoscope is a small handheld camera that can be inserted into the body. It allows us to assess linings of organs and structures; to take samples for analysis, and even remove small foreign objects without the need for surgery.

At Boundary Vets we have two endoscopes: a fine rigid handheld endoscope for investigating smaller areas such as the nasal cavities, and a larger flexible endoscope for examining deeper internally, for example, the airways or stomach.

If your pet requires endoscopy, then they will receive a general anaesthetic. All anaesthetic patients are continuously monitored by our nursing team, who all receive regular training in this area.

Your pet will usually spend the day with us so we can monitor their recovery to ensure the procedure is as safe as possible.