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Sue from Boundary Vets contacting a customer

Who provides our emergency vets service?

In an emergency outside of our regular opening hours, we will refer you to Abingdon Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service (A.V.E.T.S.). Abivale practice in the centre of Abingdon, two minutes’ drive from Boundary Vets. If you call the regular number our practice number, 01235 538721, you will be provided with the contact details and necessary information for contacting A.V.E.T.S.

They will triage your pet over the phone, and if they need to be seen, your pet will receive a high standard of care from their Emergency vet team. If your pet requires on-going treatment, they will be transferred back to Boundary Vets the following day, and all of their history and notes will be sent to us so we can continue to provide the care required by your pet. 

If you have an emergency within our working hours, then you will be seen by one of our vets, and we will make every effortto ensure your usual vet sees you

We have a highly motivated nursing team with a keen interest in emergency and critical care, who will do everything they possibly can to provide the best care for both you and your pet in a critical and stressful time. 

In an emergency, do I call you or the emergency service provider?

In an emergency, when we are closed, just ring our usual number and you will be directed to the number for AVETS. Patient histories will be sent to us first thing the next morning so we will be fully aware of what has happened overnight and to allow, if necessary, transfer to Boundary Vets that morning.

During the day you will be able to see our existing vets:

Dani, Jamie, Lucy, Karin, Nikkie, Annika and Mel who you know well. We will still always strive to ensure you see the same vet whenever you come in.

Out of hours service – Only

Consults seen before 9 pm (Monday to Friday) £100
Consults seen after 9 pm or on weekends/bank holidays £183