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Please click here to view the latest information on how to access our services

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When is the Right Time?

One of the most conflicting and emotional decisions a pet owner may have to make is whether, or when, to have their pet put to sleep. When an illness or old age leads to pain or distress that can no longer be managed, euthanasia may be the kindest and most appropriate decision to be made for your pet. We will be here to provide support and offer guidance throughout this difficult time.

Although we will offer as much guidance as we can and make sure that an owner understands their pet’s condition and what options are available, the final decision to have a pet put to sleep will always rest with the owner.

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What are my Options?

If you are concerned for your pet, their quality of life and the options available to your pet please contact us to discuss your worries. If you feel your pet may require this service our staff will talk you through what will happen next.

Some people choose to be with their pets in the final moments, while others find it too difficult, each decision is very personal and entirely up to the individual owner – there is not right or wrong decision.

A consultation with one of our Vets will allow us to go through all the options available, including cremation services so that you can choose the best combination for you and your pet.

There are a number of options for looking after your pet’s remains after they are gone:

  • Home for burial – we are always happy to release pets to you for burial at home.
  • General cremation – this is when your pets is cremated and their ashes scattered at the crematorium.
  • Individual cremation – this is when a pet is cremated individually and their ashes can be returned to their owners.

These services can also be arranged for animals which have passed away at home. All cremation services are carried out by external contracted companies.

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