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Boundary Vets has played a significant role in the community of Abingdon near Witney for more than ten years. Giving your pets the greatest care and professional assistance is our main priority. Our team takes pride in getting to know you and your pet well in order to provide care that is customised to their requirements.

Specialists with considerable experience and qualifications make up our team, and they are here to assist you and your pet. We offer a range of treatments and services, including dental care, annual physicals, health records, and more. We comprehend that saying farewell to a pet is a painful and delicate affair. We offer the highest calibre end-of-life care as a result, and we're here to assist and guide you through this difficult time.

Boundary Vets' facilities are up-to-date and maintained to the highest standards, allowing us to provide the best treatment for your pets. Our personnel is continuously trained on our apparatus. We also take great satisfaction in being a Silver-level Cat Friendly Clinic, providing a soothing environment for your feline friends as well.


Why not get in touch with us right away to book an appointment if you're searching for a yearly health checkup or a more targeted course of therapy. You could also give us a call at 01235 538721


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Boundary Vets provides your dogs with the finest quality care and treatment in a welcoming and safe environment.

Numerous procedures, such as neutering, microchipping, or more thorough annual inspections, can be utilised to enhance your pet's health.

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Vets In Witney, near Abingdon

We at Boundary Vets are aware that medical expenses can mount up quickly. In an effort to help you with this by guiding your decision regarding the best insurance for your pets, we offer advice on pet insurance for cats, dogs, and rabbits.

One more way we try to keep expenses down for you is with our "Pet Health for Life" care package. Both cats and dogs can get these from us, providing you the assurance that your pet will be protected from harmful infections for the remainder of its life.

No matter the age, breed, or sex of the animal, our team is here to help them and assure their care. When registered in our care plan, your pet will benefit from routine services and treatments at Boundary Vets. Find out more now!

Why visit Witney?

The 17th-century Butter Cross and the church of St. Mary the Virgin with its 150-foot spire are just two examples of the architecture in Witney, the largest of the market towns in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, that pays homage to the once-prosperous woollen industry. From the Butter Cross, a charming high street leads to the 18th-century town hall, the Blanket Hall, and the Victorian Corn Exchange. With a good selection of stores, supermarkets, and a twice-weekly market, the town has a lively vibe.

The amenities you might anticipate finding in a town of Witney's size are all available. a wide range of retail options, including the Marriotts Walk shopping centre, as well as the bars, eateries, and recreational amenities offered by the Witney Lakes resort and the Windrush Leisure Centre.

Why Choose Boundary Vets?

At Boundary Vets, we have four core principles:

Boundary Respect Boundary Experience Boundary Care Boundary Respect


• Outstanding quality care from a team you can trust
• Routine treatments such as vaccinations, parasite control and health checks
• Nurse clinics for preventative treatments and advice
• Preventative health care plan
• We’ll remind you when your next treatment is due
• Convenient online appointment booking
• Cat-friendly clinic


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We at Boundary Vets are excited to meet you and your canine companions. Our aim is to make your stay here as pleasant as possible for you and your pet, not just with our amenities but also with our friendly personnel! If you're a new customer, your typical visit can take longer, but we'll try to find a time that works for you. Online reservations can be made right away by contacting us.

For assistance, more information about our services, contact us at 01235 538721


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For individuals who require immediate care and advice, Boundary Vets does provide After Hours and Overnight Care services. Abingdon Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service is referred for all emergencies; contact information is available by calling 01235 538721