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  • Rabbit Microchipping | Boundary Vets

If your rabbit was ever to escape from its hutch or dig their way out of your garden and become lost – rabbit microchipping can help to reunite you both.

Microchipping your rabbit

You may not realise microchipping is not just for dogs, but also for rabbits (aswell as many other pets including ferrets,snakes, parrots and horses) We reccomend you getting your rabbit microchipped as soon as possible, so if it ever did get lost you would hopefully be reunited.

The microchip is easily inserted under the skin on the scruff of the neck, just like an injection. It is approximately the size of a large grain of rice and lasts for life. At the time of the implant, you will be asked by Boundary vets to complete a registration form, from which your details are then submitted to a national database by a Boundary vet team member. This is all included within the price of the microchip, and will be kept on the database for your rabbits lifetime.

Each chip has a unique number to which yours and your pets’ details are associated. These details are then stored on a national database.

When lost if your rabbit was to be taken to a veterinary practice or an animal charity centre etc the staff would be able to use a special scanner to read your rabbits chip, locate your details and happily reunite you both!

Microchipping your pet at Boundary Vets