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  • How Best to Feed Your Rabbit I Boundary Vets

Your rabbits’ teeth will continually grow throughout their life.

To keep their teeth from becoming too long and causing problems your rabbit will need to eat foods that require a lot of chewing and grinding. The best example being grass and hay – as they would eat in the wild! Grass is not particularly high in nutrition in small quantities; therefore, rabbits require almost constant grazing to get the energy from their food – the benefit of which is they keep their teeth under control.

‘Muesli’ type dry diets for rabbits are not generally recommended as they tend to encourage selective eating. This means the rabbit will eat the tasty, soft, coloured bits and leave the brown pellets.

We would recommend you feed non muesli pellets – this removes the rabbit's choice to eat the soft bits and leave the healthy part!

However, any pellet type food should only be given as a supplement to hay and grass as it is high in energy. So, if eaten in large quantities, your rabbit will not only miss out on good teeth grinding food but also run the risk of becoming overweight – this can also cause serious health problems for your rabbit.

Your vet will be happy to discuss diet and weight in more detail and make recommendations for your individual pet.