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  • Rabbit Neutering in Oxford | Boundary Vets

rabbit Neutering in Oxford may often be done when the animal is four months old. A male rabbit's testes are removed during castration, while a female rabbit's uterus and ovaries are removed during spaying.

Because sperm can stay in the vaginal system for up to six weeks, it's advisable to keep your rabbit away from females who haven't had their sex before then. Because they are such gregarious animals, rabbit neutering can help them connect or couple up, which will make them more happy.

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Neutering your rabbit

Benefits of Rabbit Neutering in Oxford:

  • prevents womb infections and unintended pregnancies

  • may aid in preventing breast cancer and tumours

  • can also aid in preventing prostate illness and testicular cancer.

  • helps to stop aggressive conduct and wandering


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Should I let my rabbit have one litter before spaying her?

This is a frequently asked issue, and the answer is negative, letting your rabbit have a litter has no recognised health advantages, and the same goes for dogs and cats.

General anaesthesia for your Rabbit Neutering in Oxford

Your rabbit needs a general anaesthetic to be neutered; at Boundary Vets in Oxford, we've taken precautions to make sure they stay safe during the process. Throughout the procedure and the healing period, your pet will be closely observed by a committed Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN).

Even while anaesthetic for rabbits is considered to be "high risk," the advantages to health alone much exceed the dangers, and rabbit anaesthesia has grown significantly safer over time.

Age, breed, and any underlying medical issues your pet may have all raise their risk of anaesthesia. In addition to two different forms of pain management, your pet will receive a premedication to help them relax. You can be confident that the staff at Boundary Vets will be there for your pet at every turn.

Your pet will stay the day with us

We will go over the permission paperwork and have a discussion about the procedure upon admission for the rabbit neutering in Oxford. Please be aware that the consent form needs to be signed by the registered owner (who must be above 18) or an approved agent. Your dog, cat, or rabbit will be admitted as a "day patient," and if our team is satisfied with how well your pet has recovered, they will be released later that same day.

The staff will go over all the information you require on your pet's post-operative care and pain medication during your pet's discharge appointment. Once your pet is comfortable again at home, please call us if you have any more questions. We are always available by phone for you and your pet.In case you need to get in touch with us, our phone number is 01235 538721.

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We suggest that you bring your rabbit with its partner to lessen the hardship of separation between a bonded pair. Please send your rabbit in a safe box or basket with a blanket that smells like home. It's also better if you pack your bunny's lunch. After a general anaesthetic, we need rabbits to eat very fast. Having their favourite meals on available can expedite their recuperation and allow us to get your rabbit back home with you as soon as possible.

Pet Health for Life Plan Offer

Members of our Pet Health For Life Plan are also entitled to a 10% discount off any treatment associated with rabbit neutering in Oxford following an initial consultation with one of our veterinarians.

To discuss your options and decide which time is ideal for your pet, please make an appointment for a consultation.

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