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  • Rabbit Flea and Worm Treatment | Boundary Vets


Worming your rabbit regularly is recommended as a preventative measure.

A common parasitic worm they can pick up is called Encephalitozoon cuniculi – this parasite can make your rabbit very unwell with a number of symptoms. However, protection against this parasite is easily achieved.

Ideally, worming should be done at least every 6 months. The wormer comes in an oral paste and is easily administered. A good time to give the wormer is when your rabbit has their 6 monthly health check and vaccination.


Flies can also be a huge problem for rabbits. If your rabbit is unable to groom around his bottom and keep clean (due to diarrhoea, being overweight or simply having a dirty cage) the skin can become sore and smelly, attracting flies. Flies lay eggs on the rabbit which then hatch into maggots in as little as 12 hours in large numbers. This is obviously going to be very painful for your rabbit, and can be fatal, however, careful weight management and keeping your rabbit clean and dry will greatly reduce the risk of this happening.

There are preventative veterinary preparations available to repel flies.

Mites & Fleas

Rabbits can also pick up a number of different mites and also fleas. The treatment depends on the condition, however, there are veterinary spot-on preparations available.

Your vet will be happy to discuss in more detail and recommend preventative parasite control for your individual pet.