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If you are a new pet owner, you may well be looking for ‘microchipping near me’.

Microchipping is a safe way of keeping your pet safe, helping to ensure that if they ever wander off, they can be returned to you as their rightful owner. It is a small chip inserted into the scruff of the animal’s neck usually; each chip has a unique identification number that is registered to your pet and detectable with a microchip scanner.

All microchips are registered on the online database with contact details recorded next to your pet’s microchip number. This way, your pet can always be identified as yours!

At Boundary Vets, we always want to ensure that your pet is returned to you if lost, or remains safe when at home. This is why we offer microchipping for Cats, Dogs & Rabbits!


Should I Microchip My Dog & Cat?

Microchipping your dog is a legal requirement in the UK and has been since 2016. Not only this, but your dog must also wear a collar with an ID tag on containing your details. All dogs over 8 weeks old must comply with this regulation or owners face a fine of up to £500.

Microchipping your dog has become a legal requirement for a number of reasons, including giving the ability to quickly reunited dogs with their owners if lost and being able to identify the owner of a dog that may have carried out an attack.

Boundary Vets has offered microchipping services for many years, helping you be clear on your pet’s microchipping status. We have a scanner available to check whether or not your dog has previously been microchipped, and if not, ensure they leave fully compliant!

It is also a legal requirement to microchip your cat. This legislation came into force in March 2023, with all cats over 20 weeks old needing to be microchipped by 10th June 2024. Much like with dog microchipping, if you fail to comply with these regulations, owners can face fines of up to £500.

It is highly recommended by our team at Boundary Vets, that you get your cat microchipped before they venture outside for the first time. Much like with dogs, it means that if your cat wanders off, they can be returned to you quickly with help from the microchipping online database and their unique identification number.

At Boundary Vets, we can check whether your cat has an existing microchip, we can check the database and help you update any necessary details, and we can also microchip your cat if needed to ensure they leave compliant.


You Can Microchip Rabbits Too!

If you are a rabbit owner, you can also microchip your bunny! Although this is not a compulsory requirement for rabbits, it is still a key part of pet ownership. The microchip can be inserted in the rabbit’s neck where they feel no pain, helping ensure that if they ever hop off too far, they can be returned to you as their rightful owner.

Our Boundary team can check for a microchip when you bring your rabbit to see us and if they are not chipped, we can do this for you quickly and with as little pain as possible!


Spreading the Costs With Pet Health For Life

We understand as a veterinary team that the cost of pet healthcare is expensive, and for many can be make or break in pet ownership. This is why we have our Pet Health For Life Plans now available!

Available for your cats or dogs, we offer a plan that allows you to spread the cost evenly over the course of the year and ensure that your pet receives the best levels of healthcare regularly. This keeps them happy and healthy without draining your bank. If you would like to see more about our standard pricing to help aid your decision, please see our Prices and Procedures page.

For more information on our Cat Pet Health For Life or Dog Health For Life Plans and to find out what they include, take a look online today and get your pet signed up with us!

To make it even better…microchipping is included!


Learn more about Cat Pet Health for Life plans        Learn more about Dog Pet Health for Life plans

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Get In Touch With Boundary Vets, Abingdon

Still looking for microchipping near me? Boundary Vets in Abingdon are here to help you.

Our team are highly trained and skilled in ensuring that your pet receives the highest levels of care whether they come in for an annual check-up, or a procedure. Our range of services cover microchipping, neutering, flea & worm treatments, dental care, vaccinations and many more. Why not find out more about Boundary’s service today.

Boundary Vets is also a Silver Level Cat Friendly Clinic. This means that we understand and have taken into account the needs of your feline friends, making sure that our clinics are calm, quiet environments that help reduce stress, fear and anxiety in your cat when they visit us.

If your pet is not yet registered with us, you can do this online before booking your first appointment.

We look forward to seeing you and your beloved pet in clinic soon!

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